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Japan Times
Mar 9, 2015
Abe's robot panel aims to give drone industry an edge
The Abe administration is looking to fast-track industry-friendly regulation to give Japan's drone sector an edge over the United States.
Feb 26, 2015
Sanctioned North Korea shipping firm still active, has renamed ships, U.N. panel says
A United Nations-blacklisted North Korean shipping company has renamed most of its vessels in a bid to disguise their origin and continues illicit shipments in violation of sanctions, according to a U.N. experts report seen by reporters on Wednesday.
Japan Times
Feb 24, 2015
Peacekeepers should make greater use of drone imagery, says U.N. panel
A United Nations panel assessing the future technological needs of peacekeeping missions has recommended dramatically expanding the use of unmanned surveillance drones in U.N. military operations, the head of the panel said on Monday.
Japan Times
Feb 18, 2015
U.S. establishes rules on exporting drones, with strict limits
The U.S. government on Tuesday established a policy for exports of military and commercial drones, including armed ones, and plans to work with other countries to shape global standards for the use of the controversial weapons systems.
Japan Times
Feb 16, 2015
With first regulations, skies open for U.S. drone flights
President Barack Obama's administration took the first step to opening the skies above the U.S. to widespread civilian drone flights while proposing strict limits on commercial operations and privacy rules for those flown by government agencies.
Feb 9, 2015
Drone kills veteran Afghan militant with suspected IS links
A drone strike in Afghanistan killed six people Monday including a veteran militant suspected of having defected to Islamic State from the Taliban, senior Afghan officials in Helmand province said.
Japan Times
Feb 6, 2015
Shikoku taps drones to aid isolated islands
A drone built by a Nagoya-based company has completed a trial run to see if unmanned aircraft can be used to transport goods from Kagawa Prefecture to an island in the Seto Inland Sea.
Japan Times
Feb 5, 2015
Ruben Pater: Current advancements in drone technology are worrying
Dutch artist Ruben Pater discusses drones and survival in the modern age:
Feb 4, 2015
The ethics of artificial intelligence
The growing penetration of artificial intellence into our daily lives is raising pressing ethical issues.
Jan 11, 2015
U.S. border drone program understates cost, efficiency: report
U.S. Customs and Border Protection drones have had "minimal" impact on stemming illegal immigration and the agency has drastically understated the program's cost while failing to prove its value, an inspector general's report says.
Japan Times
Dec 12, 2014
Why are Americans such cowards?
From the outside, the U.S. looks like a nation happy to inflict all manner of mayhem on people all over the world via aerial killer robot warfare, yet unwilling to put its own precious skins in the game.
Nov 27, 2014
Drone close-calls with airliners a daily occurence in U.S., FAA reports
Civilian drones are flying so close to airplanes so frequently that the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is receiving almost one incident report a day.
Nov 3, 2014
China successfully develops laser system to defend against drones, Xinhua reports
China has successfully tested a self-developed laser defense system against small-scale low-altitude drones, according to state media.
Japan Times
Oct 28, 2014
2328 umbrellas + one drone + OK Go = made-in-Japan brilliance
“When you're employing hundreds of umbrellas that all have to go up at the same time — there's going to be problems,” says Damian Kulash, the lead singer of OK Go.
Japan Times
Sep 7, 2014
Drone enthusiasts see bright future but legal hurdles await
Last December, Amazon.com Inc. created a buzz by releasing a video of a drone delivering a package to a customer's home. If Amazon launches its Prime Air service as planned in 2015, we could soon see unmanned aircraft whizzing through the skies to deliver purchases in as little as half an hour.
LIFE / Digital
Jun 6, 2014
Amazon's drone dream sparks race for better sensor
In the quest to build drones that can enable companies such as Amazon to make door-to-door deliveries, engineers are racing to overcome a fundamental challenge: helping unmanned, suitcase-sized aircraft see where they're going.
May 30, 2014
Drone memo author should be in jail
Finally we will get a peek at the twisted legal opinion that the White House uses to justify using drones to blow up anyone, anywhere, including American citizens on American soil, for any reason the president deems fit.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
May 24, 2014
Global Hawk in town
A U.S. Global Hawk surveillance drone arrived Saturday morning at Misawa Air Base in Aomori Prefecture, marking the first time the drone has been deployed in Japan.
Japan Times
May 16, 2014
North Korea denies deploying drones, derides Park as a 'political whore'
North Korea has accused Washington and Seoul of fabricating the results of a probe that concluded Pyongyang sent small surveillance drones to spy on key South Korean installations in March.
May 16, 2014
Media's one-sided Yemen spin
According to the Western narrative, Yemen exists for one purpose and nothing else: maintain Western interests in that part of the world. When these interests are threatened, only then does Yemen matter.


Historically, kabuki was considered the entertainment of the merchant and peasant classes, a far cry from how it is regarded today.
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