World / Science & Health Oct 29, 2019

Modern humanity's 'ancestral homeland' found in Botswana

Modern humans emerged 200,000 years ago in a region of northern Botswana, scientists claimed Monday, in what appeared to be the most precise location of mankind's "ancestral homeland" yet discovered. While it has long been known that anatomically modern humans — Homo sapiens — originated ...

Home DNA testing gains popularity in aging Japan

Business Jul 18, 2018

Home DNA testing gains popularity in aging Japan

DNA testing at home is starting to gain traction nationwide as more people age and seek answers about their risks for diseases. The market for consumer genetic tests is poised to reach ¥6.6 billion ($58 million) in sales by 2022, up from ¥4.3 billion last ...

World / Science & Health Jun 6, 2018

Scientists map genetic codes of 3,000 dangerous bacteria

Scientists seeking new ways to fight drug-resistant superbugs have mapped the genomes of more than 3,000 bacteria, including samples of a bug taken from Alexander Fleming's nose and a dysentery-causing strain from a World War One soldier. The DNA of deadly strains of plague, dysentery ...