South African girl is third child with HIV remission

/ Jul 24, 2017

South African girl is third child with HIV remission

A South African girl has become only the third child to beat the AIDS virus into long-term remission — almost nine years and counting — after receiving a drug cocktail in infancy, researchers announced Monday. The child was given a 10-month course of anti-AIDS medicine ...

May 18, 2017

WHO proposes Ebola vaccine trial for Congo outbreak

An unlicensed Ebola vaccine could soon be tested in a remote region of the Democratic Republic of Congo hit by an outbreak of the deadly virus, the World Health Organization said Thursday. There is no licensed vaccine for the Ebola virus, but a promising candidate ...

/ Jan 26, 2017

New Alzheimer's drug compound 'worth investigating'

A new approach to slowing the ravages of Alzheimer's disease has shown promise in early studies on mice and monkeys, and is "worth investigating" in humans, U.S. scientists said Wednesday. The method involves injecting a synthetic compound in the brain that reduces the amount of ...