National Jan 29, 2017

Pentagon wants Japanese firms' energy, materials tech

The U.S. Defense Department is actively courting private-sector Japanese companies whose civilian technologies have military applications and is particularly interested in 16 categories, a U.S. official said. The official told Kyodo News the Pentagon has explored using Japanese nuclear protective covers, batteries and photovoltaics among ...

Rochester bags $600 million hub for photonics R&D

Business / Tech Jul 28, 2015

Rochester bags $600 million hub for photonics R&D

Rochester, whose fortunes have risen and fallen with the demand for futuristic technologies from former powerhouses like Xerox and Kodak, is looking for its next big breakthrough in the field of integrated photonics, a light science with the potential to transform communications, medicine and ...

National Feb 19, 2015

U.S. Pacific Command officer to be new commander in Japan

The U.S. Defense Department said Wednesday the chief of staff of the Pacific Command, Maj. Gen. John Dolan of the Air Force, has been nominated as the next commander of the country's military force in Japan. Dolan will succeed Lt. Gen. Salvatore Angelella as the ...