Capeson mixes R&B with U.K. indie on 'Hiraeth'

Music / CD Reviews | LISTENING POST Nov 27, 2016

Capeson mixes R&B with U.K. indie on 'Hiraeth'

by Ronald Taylor

Capeson "Hiraeth" (Tokyo Recordings) Fledging label Tokyo Recordings gained significant buzz after its founder, Nariaki Obukuro (N.O.R.K.), collaborated with Hikaru Utada on her comeback album, "Fantome." Weeks later, the label released "Hiraeth", the debut album by singer-songwriter Capeson, who was born in Tokyo but spent his ...

Commentary / World Sep 28, 2011

Aussie pronatal policy is not a model for Japan

by Michael Sutton

Since reaching a total fertility rate (TFR) of 1.57 in 1989, Japan has been deeply concerned about demographic trends and future prospects. Below replacement fertility — measured as less than 2.1 children per woman — has been a feature of Japanese demography since 1974. Many ...

Reader Mail Aug 6, 2009

Flash card learning has its limits

As an educator working hard to overcome the misplaced faith in rote memorization that has long hampered Japan's ability to effectively learn English, I was extremely disappointed to read Koichi Ko's July 29 article, " Web-based flash cards will dazzle language learners." ...