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Dec 6, 2015
It should be home sweet home, but not in Japan
The destructive nexus between construction companies, bureaucracy and politicians is largely responsible for Japan's glut of rapidly depreciating houses.
Nov 30, 2015
70% of residents at tilting condo complex want entire site rebuilt
Nearly 70 percent of condo owners in the Yokohama complex with a tilting building want the entire site rebuilt, according to a survey conducted by the management association.
Japan Times
Nov 12, 2015
Prime contractor for tilting Yokohama condo makes first public apology
The vice president of Sumitomo Mitsui Construction, the prime contractor for the tilting condominium building in Yokohama, has apologized over the incident — the first such acknowledgment of regret by the company since the scandal broke mid-October.
BUSINESS / Companies
Nov 11, 2015
Sumitomo Mitsui Construction says it cannot estimate earnings impact of scandal
Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. said Wednesday it cannot estimate the impact on future earnings of a scandal that began with falsified data for pilings of a now-tilting condominium building.
Nov 11, 2015
Piling scandal needs deep probe
The probe into the piling data scandal mustn't end with individual companies and workers; instead it should dig deep into the very foundation of the construction industry and get at the real root of the problem.
Japan Times
May 10, 2015
Perfect storm of factors conspires to empty Japan
While 'empty-house syndrome' may seem like a problem mostly afflicting rural Japan, it is already an issue in metropolises such as Tokyo and Osaka, and will become more so in the years to come.
Japan Times
May 5, 2015
Toshima Ward Office, residents to share new high-rise
Visitors to the new Toshima Ward Office in Tokyo may wonder why it's housed in a super high-rise when it opens Thursday.
Mar 17, 2015
Toyo Tire told to speed up checks of substandard quake-absorbing materials
The infrastructure ministry calls on Toyo Tire & Rubber to report on substandard quake-absorbing building materials sold by a subsidiary.
Japan Times
Aug 24, 2014
New buildings can take the sunshine out of life
As residents of Japan, most of us probably expect that our right to sunlight is protected by law. However, as reader Y found, that isn't really the case.
Jul 1, 2014
Whole town up for sale in South Dakota
Prospective buyers who want to be masters of their own domains could turn to southwestern South Dakota, where an entire town can be purchased for $399,000.
Japan Times
Jul 1, 2014
Rome's Trevi Fountain gets face-lift
Rome unveiled the most drastic face-lift for the Trevi Fountain in its 252-year history on Monday, the latest in a series of privately funded restorations to Italy's prized landmarks.
Japan Times
Jun 14, 2014
Pritzker-winning architect Ban sticks to disaster areas
Architect Shigeru Ban has formally accepted the 2014 Pritzker Prize with a vow to continue supporting people in stricken areas around the world, saying building designers have a responsibility to people caught up in disasters.
Japan Times
Mar 29, 2014
North Korea realty market soars
One of the world's fastest developing property markets is also in one of its least likely places: North Korea.
Japan Times
Sep 17, 2013
After decades of growth, South Korea is now a land full of apartments
South Korea is a nation covered by apartments, so much so that from above, it resembles a coast-to-coast game of dominoes. Apartment buildings snake around mountains and form jarring clusters in the countryside. In cities, they align in grids that stretch for several kilometers.
Japan Times
Jul 19, 2013
Does U.S. agency's new office represent the workplace of the future?
The U.S. agency that manages nearly 35 million sq. meters of federal office space is moving back to its newly renovated headquarters in central Washington, where its employees are finding that their personal real estate footprint has been radically altered.


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