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Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Apr 6, 2013
Cameron uses Korean crisis to defend nuclear arsenal
Prime Minister David Cameron warned against any move to abandon the U.K.'s submarine-based nuclear weapons, citing a growing threat from North Korea and Iran as his Liberal Democrat coalition partners consider scaling back the missile program.
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics / FOCUS
Apr 3, 2013
As U.S. wallows in debt, bright ideas to save country billions go to waste
After President Barack Obama set up a national online suggestion box in 2009 asking federal workers for new ways to cut the budget, 86,000 ideas came in. Some, inevitably, were a little odd.
Mar 22, 2013
U.S. Congress approves temporary spending bill to keep government open
The U.S. Congress approved a short-term funding bill Thursday that ends the possibility of a federal government shutdown next week, but a broader budget battle about taxes and spending for 2013 is only just beginning.
BUSINESS / Economy
Mar 22, 2013
Key points of U.K. austerity budget
Japan Times
WORLD / Politics
Mar 4, 2013
Obama pins legacy hopes on 2014 House victory
President Barack Obama takes the most specific steps of his administration in an attempt to ensure the election of a Democratic-controlled Congress in two years.


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