What makes a National Treasure?

Art Oct 31, 2017

What makes a National Treasure?

by Matthew Larking

Together, Japan's National Treasures provide a cacophonous ode to the nation and its heritage for its historical, cultural, geographical and stylistic dissonances. Yet, this is the first time in 41 years that 210 such works (or sets) have been displayed en masse. On their own, ...

'Celestial Dance:  The Art of Hiten'

Art / Openings In Tokyo Nov 20, 2013

'Celestial Dance: The Art of Hiten'

by Jordan Sievers

Hiten, bodhisattvas that fly and dance in praise of Buddha, are wondrous beings, sometimes refered to as "flying angels." This exhibition focuses on the Buddhist symbols and their portrayal in various art forms, including sculptures and paintings. Ahead of the reopening of the renovated ...

Artist creates Yokohama bodhisattvas

Art May 20, 2012

Artist creates Yokohama bodhisattvas

by Eriko Arita

Eleven bodhisattvas stand in formation, their heads crowned and their almond-shaped eyes and faces dusted with gold. The scene could be a reenactment of a painting, or a sculpture in a Buddhist temple or museum. But it's not. It's a scene beheld one recent Sunday ...