Berezovsky: a tale of betrayal by pal Putin

World Mar 27, 2013

Berezovsky: a tale of betrayal by pal Putin

by Luke Harding

Boris Berezovsky had always believed in British justice. It was, after all, a British judge who had granted him asylum, after Berezovsky fell out with his one-time protege, Vladimir Putin, and fled in 2000 to London. The move infuriated the Kremlin. Since then, the oligarch ...

World Mar 26, 2013

Berezovsky was 'down' but wouldn't bow to Putin: allies

Associates of exiled Russian oligarch and Kremlin critic Boris Berezovsky, who was found dead Saturday, questioned claims that he had begged President Vladimir Putin for forgiveness, but said he had been depressed and suicidal. Berezovsky, who helped Putin rise to power but then fled Russia ...