Commentary Jul 19, 2009

Like it or not, China is not about to go away

by Tom Plate

KUALA LUMPUR — There was never the slightest doubt in the mind of a single reputable expert anywhere in the world that China was a caldron of ethnic unrest ready to boil over. Nor was there the slightest possibility that the masters of the ...

Commentary / World Jun 4, 2009

Tearing down the Iron Curtain

by Michael Meyer

PRAGUE — A quiz for history buffs. Twenty years ago — on June 4, 1989 — three events shaped a fateful year. Which do you remember most vividly, and which most changed the world?: (a) the bloody denouement of the protests on Tiananmen Square; ...

Commentary May 24, 2009

An offer Pyongyang can't refuse

by Hisahiko Okazaki

Past U.S.-North Korea negotiations on nuclear issues can be roughly classified into two types. The first type relates to the Framework Agreement of the Clinton administration. The basic assessment from documents of the period was that a military confrontation might result in nearly 1 million ...