National / Politics Mar 8, 2015

Record 30% of Japanese want SDF beefed up: Cabinet survey

A record 29.9 percent of Japanese say they want the Self-Defense Forces' capabilities boosted, a government survey said. The figure was up 5.1 percentage points from a survey three years ago, and almost twice the 2009 figure, after which SDF personnel were involved in search-and-rescue ...

Abe wants to gut public protections: expert

National Jun 29, 2013

Abe wants to gut public protections: expert

by Tomoko Otake

If the Liberal Democratic Party succeeds in rewriting the Constitution, it would severely scale back fundamental human rights and strip the public of various civil liberties, a prominent constitutional scholar warns. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, while focusing for now on his economic policies, looks set ...

Editorials Jun 29, 2013

Upcoming election's critical issue

Before the July 21 election, don't expect the LDP to talk much about the need to revise Article 96 of the Constitution, but it's in the party's campaign platform.

Tweak the Constitution now, think later?

Issues | THE FOREIGN ELEMENT Jun 25, 2013

Tweak the Constitution now, think later?

by Colin P.A. Jones

Whether it happens or not depends heavily on the results of the upcoming House of Councilors elections, but Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has clearly announced his intention to make amending the Constitution a campaign issue. Although his Liberal Democratic Party issued a comprehensive amendment proposal ...

Editorials May 4, 2013

Constitutional values at stake

Constitution Day (May 3) is a good time to scrutinize recent statements by political leaders who seek to make imprudent revisions to Japan's Constitution.

Editorials Apr 18, 2013

LDP out to undermine Constitution

The LDP seeks to revise Japan's Constitution in ways that run counter to modern principles aimed at preventing the imposition of arbitrary and warlike policy.