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Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Apr 10, 2019
Tokyo court orders Aum Shinrikyo cult successor Aleph to pay ¥1 billion to victims of sarin attack
Aleph, the main successor to the doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo, was ordered to pay more than u00a51 billion in damages to the victims of the 1995 Tokyo subway sarin gas attack.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 11, 2018
Fourth daughter of executed Aum guru Shoko Asahara wants his ashes to be scattered at sea
The fourth daughter of executed Aum Shinrikyo cult founder Shoko Asahara, who was reportedly designated by the former guru to receive his remains, wants his ashes to be scattered in the Pacific, her lawyer said Wednesday.
Mar 25, 2018
Tokyo residents demonstrate against main successor group to Aum
More than 200 people living near a Tokyo compound run by the main successor to Aum Shinrikyo took to the streets Saturday demanding that the cult disband as the execution of its guru and former disciples closed in.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 19, 2018
Aleph raided over alleged lease fraud
Police on Monday raided facilities of the main successor group to doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo in connection with an alleged case of fraud involving a condominium lease, investigators said.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Nov 13, 2017
Offices of Aum successor Aleph raided over recruiting practices
Police on Monday searched five offices and facilities of the main successor group to the Aum Shinrikyo cult that was responsible for the 1995 Tokyo subway nerve gas attack.
Japan Times
Jul 14, 2016
Aum successor group set up new facility in Sapporo: intelligence agency
A successor group to the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult that killed 13 Tokyo commuters and poisoned many others with sarin gas in 1995 has set up a new operating base in Hokkaido, intelligence officials said Thursday.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Nov 27, 2013
Order for Tokyo to pay damages to Aleph upheld
The Tokyo High Court upheld on Wednesday a lower court ruling ordering the metropolitan government to pay damages to religious group Aleph, previously known as Aum Shinrikyo, for releasing an investigative report that attributed the 1995 attempted murder of the national police chief to Aum.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 3, 2013
Photos of opponents found stabbed in Aum facility
Photographs of the director general and other officials of the Public Security Intelligence Agency were found stabbed through with a knife during an on-site inspection of a facility connected to Aum Shinrikyo, according to the agency.
Jan 19, 2013
Violation of criminal procedure
The Tokyo District Court ruled Tuesday in favor of the religious group Aleph, formerly known as Aum Shinrikyo, in a lawsuit Aleph had filed against the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and a former head of the Metropolitan Police Department.


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