National Apr 25, 2014

Japanese wins California air award

A former Tokyo bureaucrat becomes the first Japanese to win the Haagen-Smit Clean Air Award from California for inventing the cap-and-trade carbon-trading program.

National Feb 24, 2013

Fukuoka's PM2.5 levels off chart as China's toxic smog smothers city

Toxic smog that is spreading to Japan from China almost certainly exceeded the central government's maximum limit in Fukuoka on Saturday, local officials said. The Fukuoka Municipal Government reported Saturday morning that the average amount of PM2.5 particulates — an air pollutant found in the ...

Chinese smog bomb floats toward Japan

Reference | Q&A Feb 8, 2013

Chinese smog bomb floats toward Japan

by Eric Johnston

Smog in China has reached alarming levels as its rapid industrialization spews ever-more toxic particles into the air. Over the past month or so, the problem has become particularly acute, raising health concerns in neighboring parts of Asia, including Japan. Following are questions and answers about ...