Bereaved father finds solace in figurine of daughter

Business / Tech May 10, 2016

Bereaved father finds solace in figurine of daughter

A father's grief over the loss of his daughter has spawned a new industry: figurines of deceased relatives made with 3-D printing. The work of an Osaka-based printing company, the models are already proving popular and are helping families recover from bereavement. A plaster figure of ...

Tokyo's cool beasts of fashion

Style & Design | ON: FASHION Aug 8, 2015

Tokyo's cool beasts of fashion

by Misha Janette

Monstrously cute dining in Harajuku On Aug. 1, creative director Sebastian Masuda opened the Kawaii Monster Cafe, a curious place that brings Harajuku to life in storybook style. Designed to look like you're entering the belly of a beast that "swallowed Harajuku whole," the space encourages ...

Business / Corporate Mar 2, 2015

Cyfuse said to raise ¥1.4 billion for human tissue printing

Cyfuse Biomedical K.K., the Japanese developer of a 3-D printer that produces human tissue, has raised ¥1.4 billion ($11.8 million) from investors including robotic-limb maker Cyberdyne Inc., people familiar with the matter said. Cyfuse agreed to sell a stake to 12 domestic investors including medical-device ...

National Jul 14, 2014

Female artist held over sending 3D data on genitals

A female artist has been arrested on suspicion of distributing data that could be used to reproduce her genitals with a 3-D printer, Tokyo police said Monday. The suspect, identified as Megumi Igarashi, 42, a resident of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, works under the name Rokudenashi-ko ...

Digital May 15, 2013

Crude 3-D print tech will make a big bang

by John Naughton

The news that a few jokers in Texas calling themselves Defense Distributed have succeeded in creating a working handgun using 3-D printing technology has thrown the cat into the pigeon coop. The reaction from legislators in the United States has been hyperactive. Democratic Congressman ...