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Jun 25, 2017
Under pressure, Western tech firms bow to Russian demands to share cybersecrets
Western technology companies, including Cisco, IBM and SAP, are acceding to demands by Moscow for access to closely guarded product security secrets, at a time when Russia has been accused of a growing number of cyberattacks on the West, a Reuters investigation has found.
Japan Times
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Nov 24, 2016
AppNexus bans Breitbart from ad exchange, citing hate speech
Breitbart News, the outlet once led by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's chief strategist, has been blocked by one of the largest advertising exchanges serving digital publishers due to hate speech.
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Sep 25, 2016
Trump's potential guest at first debate: Gennifer Flowers
Donald Trump has threatened to invite Gennifer Flowers, who had an affair with Hillary Clinton's husband, to attend Monday night's presidential debate.
Japan Times
Jul 22, 2016
Wall Street investors wary, confused over possibility of Trump presidency
Donald Trump has said a lot of things that, were he a sitting U.S. president instead of a candidate for the job, could be expected to roil financial markets.
Japan Times
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Jun 19, 2016
Chelsea Clinton announces birth of son, her second child
Chelsea Clinton, daughter of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, announced on Saturday the birth of her second child with husband Marc Mezvinsky.
Japan Times
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Jun 16, 2016
Trump adds new twist to immigration proposals, but legal doubts persist
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's proposal for suspending immigration from parts of the world with a history of terrorism could have a legal basis, but his assertion that it be part of a broader ban on Muslim immigrants makes it constitutionally untenable, legal scholars say.
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May 19, 2016
Wall Street bearish on Trump's call to scrap Dodd-Frank reform law
U.S. banking lobbyists said on Wednesday they disagree with presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for a wholesale repeal of President Barack Obama's financial reform law, even though they share his view that it is overly burdensome.
Japan Times
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Feb 28, 2016
Campaign office says Rubio, wife paid $526,000 in taxes between 2010-2014
Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and his wife, Jeanette, paid $526,092 in taxes on $2.29 million of income from 2010-2014, his campaign said Saturday, in a move meant to pressure billionaire rival Donald Trump to release his taxes, too.
Feb 11, 2016
In crucial vote, Hillary Clinton fails to rally women to her history-making bid
Hillary Clinton made the prospect of her being elected the first female U.S. president a centerpiece of her campaign, then lost a critical nominating contest to a 74-year-old man in part because women preferred him.
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Jan 23, 2016
Trump retweets neo-Nazi account, drawing outrage
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump retweeted an account called "@WhiteGenocideTM" on Friday, prompting a backlash on social media over the real estate billionaire's sharing of an apparent neo-Nazi's depiction of rival candidate Jeb Bush.


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