Commentary / World | GUEST FORUM Mar 22, 2004

Madrid terror has lessons for Koizumi

by Yuki Tatsumi

WASHINGTON -- Three days after the terrorist bombings in Madrid, the March 14 election in Spain ended in an unexpected victory for the Socialist Party. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the prime minister-elect of Spain, has already declared that he will keep his campaign pledge of ...

Commentary / World | GUEST FORUM May 23, 2002

Marines on Okinawa are worth keeping

by Grant Newsham

Thirty years after reversion to Japan, the U.S. Marine bases on Okinawa remain a contentious issue. Periodic calls for their reduction or elimination may be good politics, and offer academics and other commentators the satisfaction that they are taking a "progressive" stance on the ...

Commentary / World | GUEST FORUM Jan 5, 2002

Writing: A craft that anyone can learn

by Hisashi Uno

"Speeches are not magic. A speech is essentially a combination of information and opinion written on paper and spoken. If you can have a thoughtful conversation, you can probably write and give a thoughtful speech." This was what U.S. President Ronald Reagan's speechwriter Peggy ...

Commentary / World | GUEST FORUM Dec 15, 2001

Image of reconciliation for Myanmar

by Nyunt Shwe

With the confidence-building period between Myanmar's military regime and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi (Daw Suu) now past the one-year mark, most dissidents have grown more suspicious of the military regime as the country's economy deteriorates and the cost of living rises. No more ...