After succeeding in suppressing the spread of COVID-19 in Wuhan, the original epicenter of the novel coronavirus, China emerged as a global leader in the fight against the pandemic, lending help to countries that subsequently struggled in their efforts to contain the pandemic, including Italy and Spain.

In dealing with the crisis, China derived strength from its political system that prioritizes the interests of the whole (i.e., the Chinese Communist Party system), without regard for the freedom of its citizens or individual wishes. The CCP seized the opportunity to launch a propaganda campaign to overcome the stigma of the “Chinese virus” (in the words of U.S. President Donald Trump) and extol the superiority of the Chinese system of government.

Notably, China employed the central technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (artificial intelligence, big data and 5G) to trace people infected with the virus, disinfect contaminated areas, deliver goods, check people's temperatures and attempt a variety of new initiatives in telecommunications.