Regarding “JAL bars some fliers from U.S. flights” (Feb. 4), it’s been decades if not centuries since such prejudice has so blatantly ruled the White (only) House. Using JAL as an instrument to impose his hatred, Donald Trump is already fulfilling his mandate as the world’s worst white supremacist.

For the international community to take a stand would not only be easy, but is absolutely vital unless it wishes the whole globe to crumble into his blind tunnel vision of hatred.

Not only should Trump be barred from visiting any country that does not advocate segregation and repression, but so should all those Americans who voted for him by supporting the Republican Party. American visitors abroad should be immediately required to sign a declaration at every non-American immigration desk to attest that they did not vote for him or his party. Those who did should be subject to the same ban as Trump has unilaterally forced on travelers worldwide.

Trump bullied his way into office, and now he seeks to bully the rest of the world into submitting to his will. Countries like Japan, which claims to be a democracy, must either take a stand or be reduced to his servile instruments of repression.

If he can bring the world to its knees on this issue after less than a month in office, why would he stop from strong arming every other economy into lining his personal fortunes?

This is his ulterior objective anyway. By hazing other countries into semi-consciousness, he is merely aiming to grab as much international economic leverage and loot as he can.


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