Regarding the editorial “An unnerving debate in the U.S.” in the Sept. 29 edition, everyone knows that Donald Trump lost the first presidential debate to Hillary Clinton hands down, but the real reason was that so far Trump has spoken almost exclusively to audiences handpicked to support him and his outrageous bluster.

The only thing that has held Hillary back has been that she lives in the shadow of two of the smartest presidents ever, her husband Bill and her present boss President Barack Obama. It’s very hard to convince the public that she could do as good a job, but I’m confident that she can.

Meanwhile, she stood up with great dignity and intelligence to Trump’s bickering interruptions which he was sure he could get away with. But everyone has now seen the measure of the man and it is much smaller than the girth of his portly stature.

Next to his braggart arrogance, Clinton was a giant of culture and finesse. Of course she has her problems, but she is only human. I am certain that if and when she’s elected, however, the brilliance of Bill and Barack will always be available to her and together they can do much more for America and the world than Trump could ever offer.


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