Regarding the July 5 article “Timing is everything in the SDF’s recruitment drive“: The recruitment tieup between the Self-Defense Forces and the all-girl pop troupe AKB48 is awkward. Could it mean Japan will have conscription in the future?

The prospect of a conscription system in Japan is no joke now that “King Shinzo Abe” is in full swing. His “rule of man (not woman)” over “rule of law” approach through the arbitrary reinterpretation of Article 9 of the Constitution, backed by his sexist Liberal Democratic Party and once peace-loving New Komeito, is deeply disturbing.

Conscription will likely become a target of discussion as the number of SDF applicants plunges following the expansion of operations that result in casualties overseas. Even if the number of recruits is sufficient as it is at present for the U.S. armed forces, proactive LDP leaders might propose short-term enlistments for the dual purpose of turning Japanese youth into war-fighting potential and nurturing patriotism.

Moreover, the recruiting slogan “You and Peace” fails to portray the reality of the profession: “You and War.” Japanese nationals need to keep a critical eye on the cunningly hidden motives of the Abe government.

norikazu wada
kashiba, nara

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