Blue is blue, and so is green

Regarding the Feb. 25 Bilingual Page article “The Japanese traffic light blues: Stop on red, go on what?“: I drove in more than 15 countries and have been driving in Japan for years.

The first time I encountered the issue described in the article was on printed books provided by the Japan Automobile Federation for switching my foreign driving license. Traffic lights were printed mostly in 100 percent-blue instead of green.

As I am in the graphic arts, I asked JAF if there was a printing error, but they said everything was fine. It’s true, and then driving in Japan, I noticed few intersections are with 100 percent-green lights. Most are greenish-blue and sometimes 100 percent-blue. In addition, men-at-work lights are often 100 percent-blue.

I still have all the books provided by local police for renewal of my Japanese driving license, and most of the traffic lights are printed with 100 percent-blue instead of green.

I questioned the police about this during the eye test for color perception, since the LED colors were mixed. To no avail. So I’ve stopped asking anyone about something that does not seem to have an answer in Japan.

gianluca stafisso

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