Regarding Andreas Kolb’s Sept. 13 letter, “Foreigners on the streets of Taiji” (which criticized foreign activists who concern themselves with the dolphin slaughter in Taiji): How true, Mr. Kolb, how true! During the American Civil War, the Union really had no business telling the Confederacy to get rid of its slaves, since that was a Southern matter.

We never should have liberated Austria in World War II, as that was strictly a European matter; after all, Adolf Hitler never attacked the United States. NATO was so wrong to bomb the Serbs, as that was a Balkan matter. We shouldn’t intervene in Darfur, either, as that’s an African matter. Let the Chinese grind Tibet into the dust; that’s an Asian matter.

If the North Koreans or the Iranians want to develop the bomb, who cares? Not our business! Outside pressure has never accomplished anything — just look at South Africa! Thanks for setting us Yanks straight.

malcolm brenner