I agree with Frank Ching’s view in his June 5 article, “Quake warms Japan-China ties,” that the people of Japan and China have to change and adapt to new circumstances.

I was moved very much to learn of the Chinese government’s request for Japanese Self-Defense Force aircraft to help in delivering aid for earthquake relief. Although later saddened to hear of the Chinese public’s rejection of this request, I felt happy to see on television one of the returned Japanese medical aid team members expressing Chinese people’s broadmindedness and readiness to say thank you, and confiding that Japanese people have things to learn from them.

As a farmer in Nagano prefecture, it is my third year to accept “trainees” from China. We work together during our farming season, and it always is a delight to work with these diligent men. There are many things we can learn from them, especially Japan’s young people.

However, I am at a loss at what to say about other issues that Ching mentioned: contaminated dumplings (imported from China) and the use of oil fields in the East China Sea. They would seem impossible to resolve if both countries just keep on saying what they believe is right.

mariko endo