Regarding the article about a surrogate mother who gave birth to “her own grandchild”: This is painful to read. Why didn’t the family just choose adoption instead of a surrogate birth? I can’t figure out why a couple gets so obsessed with the idea that a baby must have their own DNA. Isn’t it possible to love and raise a baby with different DNA? Many orphans in the world are waiting for adoptive parents.

Although my opinion may seem strict, the surrogate mother in this case seems egotistic and selfish. True, the woman offered to give birth for her daughter and there was no payment. But many Japanese couples are going abroad to have children through surrogate mothers in the United States and other countries — since the guidelines of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology prohibit doctors from carrying out procedures related to surrogate births — and they are paying a lot of money to the agency involved and the surrogate mother.

Because of the possibility that renting wombs for money could turn into a regular business, we should carefully consider the problems with surrogacy.

ikuko tabata