Further to my March 2 letter, “Neighborhood day-care shortage” (about the day-care facility debacle in Tokyo’s Koto Ward): I would like to put forward a proposal to alleviate the crisis. During the promotional stage of the Park City development, Mitsui Fudosan erected a temporary building to display the apartments on offer. I imagine this building is due for demolition in the near future as its function has been fulfilled.

Is it possible for the Koto Ward office to negotiate with the welfare minister and Mitsui Fudosan to convert this building to a temporary day-care center? If so, interested politicians in the area could be enlisted to fast-track such a refurbishment!

If negotiations with a responsible company are successful, other property developers who did not incorporate day-care facilities into new developments in the Koto area, might be called upon to provide similar temporary facilities.

The issue of day-care services has been neglected for too long by Koto Ward and the welfare minister. The suggestion offered above, offers a fast, cheap and convenient outcome for the long-suffering residents of Koto Ward, who have been paying their taxes but not receiving the social services that the government is obliged to provide.

alan nicholls