I do not condone the conduct of this American citizen for keeping company with any underage young women. Or for any man to take advantage of any young individual. But I do have to question the conduct of the young girl involved as well. I currently teach at a junior high school, and I so often see 13- and 14-year-old girls flaunting their sexuality by rolling up their skirts to reveal their underwear or wearing a large caking of makeup.

When I lived in Tokyo, I sometimes saw young girls standing outside hostess clubs, and the rumor was that these girls worked this kind of night job in order to buy the latest designer bag or to receive gifts from their older Japanese businessmen clients.

I think it is absurd, given the knowledge of Japanese men and their relationships with minors, for some Japanese to challenge relations with the United States because of this case and the misconduct of one citizen. He may be guilty of his actions, but it’s also a way for Japanese to point their finger and blame a foreigner rather than look at their own country and see that men are doing the same thing to young girls every day. The only difference is that they pay with Luis Vuitton bags.

The alleged victim in this case is also guilty of misconduct. Why were she and her friends with an older man? Didn’t they have the sense to stay away from strangers?

lauren jarosek