I am writing in response to the anonymous Jan. 17 letter, “Far-fetched claim on ‘life force,’ ” which commented on Angela Jeffs’ profile of me in the Jan. 12 Japan Times.

First, the writer quotes the “Skeptic’s Dictionary” as a source on reiki. While a healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing, I recommend the writings of William Lee Rand and Diane Stein for accurate information on reiki. Better yet, I recommend having a session to experience it firsthand.

Second, the writer dismisses the concept of past lives. Many Japanese accept as fact the Buddhist concept of reincarnation. Therefore, interest in past life regression work is fairly common in Japan. Hypnosis is about transforming thoughts. Therefore, whether past lives are real or not is immaterial; what matters is what the client believes.

Third, the writer mistakenly assumes I studied past life regression in Santa Fe. My knowledge in this area has been acquired through the writings of Dr. Brian Weiss, chairman emeritus of psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. I do not currently offer past life regression work. However, to better serve my client base, I may do so in the future.

Fourth, the writer questions the certification process for hypnotists. As with many professions, it is important to check whether a practitioner’s school is licensed by an education department and what the requirements and code of ethics of the certifying body are. For this reason, information about the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners can be accessed through my Web site.

Reiki and hypnosis are offered as adjuncts to, not replacements for, medical or mental health care.

karen mattison