Regarding Gregory Clark’s May 28 article, “More compelling than common sense“: Clark is at it again about poor, dysfunctional, ineffectual Australia. Never mind the almost 11 years of record economic growth we have had, together with a strong and warm relationship with Japan — all, apparently, accidents in spite of my country’s bungling.

Clark last accused me of not stating references (which I’m happy to do), but he ignored his own unsubstantiated assertions. Here are some more for him to consider: Far from a defeat, the United Stares fought the North Vietnamese to a military standstill for five years after the North’s ’68 Tet Offensive failed. It then extracted a peace treaty and left a secure South Vietnam, invaded two years later by a treaty-breaking North Vietnam.

The principled stand in South Vietnam, by the U.S. and its allies, left Southeast Asia free to develop its economies, stemmed a lingering Communist insurgency, served to split China from its Soviet “Communist Bloc” ally, and laid the groundwork for the free-market U-turn of China that currently fuels much of Asia’s prosperity. I could go on, but space prevents. Clark should apply some of that common sense he so admires.

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