Olympics trivia

During the 2014 Sochi Olympics, follow us on Twitter (@japantimes @jt_sports) for daily trivia questions about Winter Olympics, both past and present.

Q: In what year was the first Winter Olympics held?

A: 1924 (Chamonix, France)

Q: What is the warmest place to ever host the Winter Olympics?

That would be. . . Sochi! It’s actually a subtropical seaside resort.

Q: What is nickname of  the Japan women’s ice hockey team? 

Smile Japan.

Q: What was the first year Japan participated in the Winter Olympics? 

1928 (St. Moritz). They sent six Nordic skiers and a coach.

Q: Who is the youngest snowboarder to have won the title of Halfpipe World Tour Champion?

Ayumu Hirano, who just got a silver medal in the Olympic half-pipe competition. He was 14 when he won in 2012/2013.

Q: What snack is ski jumper Sara Takanashi hooked on?

Camembert cheese with honey.

Q: Who is the financial sponsor of the Jamaican bobsled team for the Sochi Olympics?

It was actually crowdfunded by Dogecoin users and a campaign on Crowdtilt.

Q: What Winter Olympic sport is Japan best at (based on total medals)?

Speed skating (15 total medals. That said, this may be in transition; this year didn’t go so well.)

Q: How many hours a week does figure skater Mao Asada usually train?

40-50 (including ballet and gym work-outs).

Q: Aside from gold medals, what do figure skaters Yuzuru Hanyu and Yuna Kim have in common?  

They both have the highest scores ever in the short program of the figure skating competition. Kim took the record in the 2010 Winter Olympics with a score of 78.50. Hanyu earned 101.45 points for his short program performance.

Q: Which Winter Olympics was the first to use artificial snow?

1980 (Lake Placid)

Q: Who previously held the record for most Winter Olympic medals?

Norwegian cross-country skier Bjorn Daehlie (12, including eight golds)