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Australian health blogger admits lying about cancer

Apr 23, 2015

Australian health blogger admits lying about cancer

An Australian blogger and author who became a hit after claiming she was winning a battle with brain cancer through whole foods and alternative therapies admitted Thursday she was lying and never had the disease. Belle Gibson launched her successful The Whole Pantry business ...

Apr 14, 2015

Australia targets anti-vaccers in 'no jab, no pay' move

The Australian government has ramped up pressure on parents who oppose vaccination by threatening to withhold child care and other payments from families that fail to immunize their children. The government announced this week that families could lose up to 15,000 Australian dollars ($11,400) ...

'Doctors' keep Cambodia healthy

Apr 10, 2015

'Doctors' keep Cambodia healthy

When the phone rings, former Khmer Rouge soldier Ken Mon grabs a bag stuffed full of medicine, jumps on his motorbike and heads for an impoverished Cambodian village with the haste of any diligent local doctor. Yet the 55-year-old Mon has no formal medical ...

China to toughen inspection on air quality data

Apr 2, 2015

China to toughen inspection on air quality data

China’s vice minister for environmental protection has announced a two-year inspection campaign to root out fake air quality data and accused some local governments of manipulating the data to meet national standards, state media said. The move comes as China has sought to improve ...

Mar 31, 2015

China plan aims to double number of doctors

China will almost double the number of general doctors by 2020, trim its public sector and improve technology as it seeks to fix a health care system plagued by snarling queues and poor rural services, its main administrative authority has said. China’s fast-growing health ...

Mar 10, 2015

China on brink of heart disease 'epidemic,' study finds

Unhealthy eating, smoking and obesity are threatening a heart disease epidemic in China, where 3 out of 4 people are in poor cardiovascular shape, a study reported Monday. The findings published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology are based on data ...