Newly elected Liberal Democratic Party President Fumio Kishida became Japan’s 100th prime minister on Monday, taking the reins of a country battling the COVID-19 pandemic and a growing number of security threats. On top of this, there is a looming general election that he must successfully lead his party through.

Kishida was elected in both houses of the Diet on Monday. The new prime minister told reporters Monday evening that he will dissolve the Lower House on Oct. 14 and hold a general election on Oct. 31.

“I would like to realize measures related to the coronavirus and the economy that are large scale and drastic as soon as possible,” Kishida said in a news conference. “In order to do so, the first thing I would like to do is ask the people of Japan to make a decision as to whether or not they will entrust Kishida with this task, and if they believe it is possible, I would like to move forward with a politics of trust and sympathy, backed by a mandate from the people.”