Japan Post Co. said Friday it will introduce electric scooters made by Honda Motor Co. for delivery and other services with the aim of reducing the burden it places on the environment.

Japan Post plans to deploy 200 of the e-scooters by the end of March, with about 2,000 more to be added by the end of fiscal 2020, depending on the results of their practical use.

Honda will provide Japan Post with two models of the Benly e scooter. One gets 87 km per charge and the other 43 km. The batteries will be replaced at designated places to eliminate recharging delays.

Japan Post will start using the scooters in Tokyo. Deployment will expand to the Tokyo metropolitan area and major cities in rural areas.

Japan Post’s introduction of e-scooters is expected to account for 20 percent of all of its delivery bikes in Tokyo at the end of March 2021. The company has some 85,000 across Japan.

“We would like to make contribution to clean and quieter living conditions,” Noriaki Abe, managing officer at Honda, said at a ceremony at a post office in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward.