Setting record, 31.5% of those who passed Japan's public servant exam this year were women


Women accounted for 31.5 percent of those who passed the career-track national public servant examination in fiscal 2019, topping 30 percent for the first time, the National Personnel Authority said Tuesday.

Of the 1,798 who passed, 567 were women. The share exceeded by 4.3 percentage points the previous record high, which was attained the previous year.

“Following seminars for female students and other efforts, the share of women among all applications increased, shoring up the number of female passers,” said an official at the government agency.

The total number of applicants stood at 17,295, meaning 1 in every 9.6 applicants passed the exam.

Successful applicants from the University of Tokyo numbered 307, accounting for the largest proportion of all who passed. Kyoto University came second with 126, followed by Waseda University with 97.

Those from the prestigious University of Tokyo decreased by 22 from the previous year to the lowest level since records began in fiscal 1998.

Many students seem to have opted for the private sector, where hiring interest remains strong, according to the agency.

Successful applicants will be employed from next spring if they pass their interviews, which will begin Wednesday.

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