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LDP lawmakers launch rakugo storytelling caucus


Some members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, including Lower House member Shinjiro Koizumi, one of the most popular politicians in Japan, launched a caucus on Tuesday to enjoy and learn from rakugo sit-down comic storytelling shows.

The caucus comprising rakugo fan LDP members is also designed to spread the charm of the entertainment form. The members, who are scheduled to visit a vaudeville theater on Dec. 13, will call for lawmakers of opposition parties to join their group.

At the group’s inaugural meeting held at the building of House of Representatives members, Koizumi said, “It’s true that you can learn public speaking (from rakugo), but what I feel most is that you can forgive anything if you listen to rakugo.”

Sanyutei Enraku VI, a rakugo performer who attended the meeting, said, “I wouldn’t urge (politicians) to make use of (rakugo) for politics, but I want (rakugo) to be used for education a little.”