Tokyo will host the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018 from Sunday to Friday. The event is expected to attract 6,000 people from more than 100 countries to discuss technology, public policies, international collaboration and other subjects to achieve sustainable water management practices.

The International Water Association is a large international organization that aims to secure water supplies and manage water quality around the world.

The first edition of the biennial IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition was held in Paris in 1998, followed by meetings in Berlin, Melbourne, Marrakech, Beijing, Vienna, Montreal, Busan, Lisbon and Brisbane.

It is significant that Tokyo hosts the event because Japan is home to important technologies for general water management and has experience tackling water hazards, urbanization and other water-related problems.

The event is a place for Japan to showcase its technologies and know-how to the world.

The government acknowledges the importance of Japan’s position in the field. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) released the Overseas Development Strategy of Water Industry paper on July 27, which lays out Japan’s overall strategy to contribute to water management to the world.

“Japan has been the world’s top donor in the field of water. We have made contributions toward implementing hard infrastructure via yen-based loans, as well as soft infrastructure such as providing know-how on legal structures on water and training human resources,” according to a translation of the METI paper. “Japan has taken initiative in tackling global challenges on water. It is expected that Japan will continue to play a major role by way of advanced technologies and know-how.”

Expectations are high for Japan. Demand for water will continue to increase in the world amid increasing populations, economic development and improvement of quality of life. In 2015, roughly 660 million people had no access to a water supply service and an estimated 2.4 billion people were without sanitation facilities, according to the METI paper. The world is expected to face a 40 percent shortage of usable water sources by 2030, the paper said, citing the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Japan’s contribution to secure water supply is also in line with Sustainable Development Goals that the United Nations adopted in 2015. Goal 6 is to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.”

Japan provided official development assistance worth about $6.5 billion in the field of water and sanitation from 2012 to 2016, making the world’s third-largest economy the largest contributor with a 30.7 percent share, followed by Germany’s 17.9 percent, France’s 11 percent and the U.S.’s 8.9 percent, according to the Cabinet Secretariat citing data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Still, Japanese companies are squeezed out by major global companies such as Veolia Water SA and Suez SA — which provide comprehensive, water-related services — and smaller, local companies in developing countries that use their cost competitiveness to win bids.

As such, Japanese companies do not have a high market share globally and thus have plenty of room to expand. The market size of water-related fields, including water supply systems, sewage systems and desalination, was ¥67 trillion globally in the year ending in March 2017, with Japanese companies accounting for ¥287.8 billion, obtaining only a 0.4 percent as reported by the Cabinet Secretariat citing data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The METI document suggests Japanese companies have a chance to expand globally with their advanced technologies.

For example, Kubota Corp., the principal sponsor of the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018, has a technical advantage with its membrane bioreactor (MBR) system that cleans sewage water through special membranes. An MBR system does not produce drinking water, but processes sewage water into clean water; it needs to go through additional purification processes to be safe for consumption.

An alternative method of cleaning sewage water to the MBR system is via a conventional activated sludge (CAS) system that causes impurities to sink. The MBR system is more expensive, but makes water much cleaner than CAS. It also takes less space and is easier to maintain.

“Sewage water processing equipment is to be used as long as 20 or 30 years and thus maintenance is very important. We would like (our potential customers) to think of the importance and use our products,” said Shinichi Fukuhara, general manager of Kubota’s Environment Systems Business Unit.

Kubota has business chances where environmental regulations are strict and potential customers opt for high-quality sewage water cleaning systems. For example, Fukuhara shared that Europe has regulations allowing very small amounts of chlorine in water, which makes an MBR system more desirable because it does not require the use of chlorine, adding that China is also very strict on the cleanliness of processed water.

Fukuhara also said there is a high demand for reusable water solutions and systems producing clean water in the Middle East because of the low rainfall.

He expressed that Kubota is one of the biggest MBR system makers and commands about 17 or 18 percent of the global market share in terms of the amount of water processed, but also said there are no statistics showing the exact market share. There are MBR system makers in Japan, China, the U.S., France, Germany, Singapore and other countries.

Another product that gives Japan a technical edge over other countries is jokaso — tanks that house a sewage cleaning system. These can include MBR, CAS or other systems that function as small water-processing plants. They are designed to allow trucks to pick up the clean water from jokaso, resulting in less water pipes needing to be built.

“Jokaso” is a Japanese word translating closely to septic tank, but Kubota and other Japanese manufacturers use the Japanese word to sell their products to the world instead of the English term to differentiate their product from regular septic tanks.

“Japan’s jokaso quality is by far the highest and our customers understand the word jokaso,” Fukuhara said. Japan has jokaso laws regulating quality standards. Makers have to pass certain tests to gain the government’s approval to sell jokaso. “That’s only (in) Japan,” he said.

Japan’s jokaso exports are steadily increasing. The cumulative shipments were about 1,334 as of February 2014 and surged to around 12,846 as of last December, according to the Jokaso System Association. According to Fukuhara, of the 12,846 exports, 8,190 were sent to China, where demand is very strong thanks to the government’s efforts to improve sewerage systems in rural areas.

He went on to share that demand is expected to rise regarding government efforts to improve the water quality in certain buildings. For example, hospitals and airports have a relatively strong demand for jokaso because they need clean water and tend to be recipients of government subsidies for them.

Japan also excels in other areas of technology. The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018 will be a great opportunity for Japan to showcase these to the world.

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Japan Pavilion exhibitors

1 Abe Nikko Kogyo Co., Ltd. No. 207-G
Abe is a pioneer of pre-stressed concrete (PC) tanks and has maintained the top share in water supply facilities. We have a well-established international reputation in PC bridges and railway sleepers, and we have seen success in the energy field. We will contribute to solving development problems in the world with our durable, economical and safe PC tanks.

2 Aqueduct Mapping System Co., Ltd. No. 267-D
Aqueduct Mapping System (AMS) is a company developing and operating information systems for waterworks and sewerage businesses. AMS products include water and sewage pipeline GIS (geographic information system) and its related systems, reception and examination system for application of water supply pipe construction supporting water utilities and construction contractors, and so forth.

3 Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau (CPWB) No. 274-A
Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau (CPWB) was established in 1934. In 1980, CPWB was the first Japanese waterworks to install an advanced water treatment process consisting of ozonation and granular activated carbon adsorption. We supply drinking water to about 3 million people in 11 cities of Chiba Prefecture and important facilities.

4 Chuou Sekkei Engineering, Co., Ltd. No. 262-F
For over 70 years, we have been promoting activities in several areas — water supply, sewerage, waste, the environment and information processing. We are a comprehensive service company that covers water and the environment that constantly thinks about how to contribute in each field and strives to develop technology based on the needs of the next generation.

5 Cosmo Koki Co., Ltd. No. 119, 217-C
Cosmo Koki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1959 and achieved fame as a pioneer of pipework under pressure that can construct water pipelines without shutting down the water supply. Our first project abroad was hot tapping on a crude oil pipeline in 1962 in Iran. Since then, we have been providing overseas customers with our cutting-edge products for more than 50 years.

6 Daiichi Techno Co., Ltd. No. 232-B
Daiichi Techno is a construction and maintenance firm that conducts business in the domain of water purification and sewage treatment plants in Japan. We have many construction products, including pumps, valves, gates, solar power plants and small hydraulic power generators.

7 DEK Co., Ltd. No. 212-G
Since 1961, DEK has concentrated on the construction and maintenance of infrastructure with a focus on welding. We developed a small diameter pipe renewal construction technique (SDF construction technique) that uses flexible stainless steel pipes to contribute to the construction of infrastructure that are earthquake resistant and have a long life span; both needs of society today.

8 DK Corp. No. 266-D
DK Corp. provides water billing, water supply equipment management and system solutions to support these services. Through our total solution for water supply utilities, we can offer residents fully optimized, efficient and prompt services. DK Corp. will keep the water supply safe and secure to contribute to a sustainable water supply service.

9 DMW Corp. No. 233-B
DMW Corp. was established in 1910 and has since manufactured large water turbines and pumps. Since 1955, we have mainly manufactured pumps, fans, blowers, valves and supplied them all over the world. “DeROs” is the most efficient energy recovery device in its class of seawater desalination industries. In 2016, the company received The Japan Machinery Energy-Efficient Machinery Award.

10 The Federation of Japan Water Industries, Inc. No. 272-A
Established in 1966, the Federation of Japan Water Industries, Inc. (Suidanren) was an organization conceived to represent Japan’s water supply and sewerage industries. Suidanren has strived to build and enhance the social infrastructure underlying people’s lives and urban environments. The organization comprises virtually every private-sector company in the Japanese water industry, with a total membership of roughly 230 firms.

11 Fuji Tecom Inc. No. 263-D
For 60 years, as a pioneer of water leak detection technology, we have been contributing to the development of instruments used at water facilities. We are a leading manufacturer of equipment for non-revenue water (NRW) reduction and related technology. We have 40 distributors around the world and are also involved in global Japan International Cooperation Agency projects for reduction of NRW.

12 Fuso Corp. No. 234-B
Fuso is a comprehensive water engineering company that has been engaged in a broad range of business activities related to water infrastructure since 1946. We focus on the four sectors of plant construction, operation and maintenance, product sales and steel pipe manufacturing. With its effective sales network, Fuso has branch offices in Japan’s major metropolitan areas.

13 Hinode, Ltd. No. 227-C
Hinode has manufactured and sold cast-iron manhole covers and associated products for social-infrastructure development. Manhole covers are part of all essential utility networks constructed below ground, and require performance criteria such as high durability and multifaceted safety performance based on high technological standards.

14 Hitachi, Ltd. No. 135, 242-B
Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. In the water business, Hitachi has offered a variety of products, systems and services for almost a century. In welcoming the “internet of things” era, we deliver innovations to society and customers by leveraging three strengths — operational technology, information technology and products and systems.

15 Japan Water Research Center No. 273-A
Japan Water Research Center is a nonprofit research institute aiming to solve important challenges facing water supply services in Japan. We implement various investigations, research and development projects, as well as collaborations with utilities, corporations and academics in Japan and abroad. Through these activities, we contribute toward enhanced public health and living environments.

16 Japan Water Steel Pipe Association No. 218-C
The Japan Water Steel Pipe Association is promoting technical development and improvement, as the keywords for seismic upgrades and lifespan extension to meet the needs of the age. We are stably supplying excellent steel pipes and working with the aim of expanding our market further.

17 JFE Engineering Corp. No. 145, 246-B
JFE Engineering is expanding its engineering business that supports people’s lives and industries in the fields of environment, energy and social infrastructure. We will continuously contribute to the social development as a company that “creates and ni-na-u* the foundation for life.”
*”Ni-na-u” is a Japanese word meaning supporting and remaining responsible.

18 Kansei Company No. 151, 269-D
Kansei Company continues to improve the maintenance and management of a sewerage system that has become indispensable for over 50 years. At the conference, we will show our latest technologies in sewer pipe inspection robots — the Grand Beaver and Grand Sweeper. Thanks to these, pipe surveys and cleaning can be conducted safely without requiring workers to enter the sewer system.

19 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. No. 210-G
Kawasaki Heavy Industries produces diverse products across wide-ranging fields that cover land, sea and air. Kawasaki’s gas turbine standby generator sets play important role in the water industry; they keep water treatment facilities running in case of emergencies, such as power outages or natural disasters.

20 Kimura Technical Co., Ltd. No. 205-G

21 Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. No. 231-B
We provide advanced water treatment technologies. The Upper Biological Contact Filter (U-BCF) is a pre-treatment system for water supply plants. As urbanization proceeds, water sources close to cities suffer from quality deterioration, and new water sources far from the city must be found. U-BCF can be an effective alternative for long and costly pipelines connecting to such distant water sources.

22 Kubota Corp. No. 125, 206-G
Since 1890, Kubota has worked to provide various products that contribute to people’s lives and communities around world. Today, we are developing our business globally through products, technology and services offering upstream to downstream water solutions. Using U.N. Sustainable Development Goals as a compass, Kubota will make continuous efforts to solve social problems and support the future of the Earth.

23 Kurimoto, Ltd. No. 152, 222-C
For over 100 years, Kurimoto has contributed to building social infrastructure. Our main products are ductile iron pipes and valves for water supply. We continue to strive to improve and service our products throughout their lifecycles and build more safe and secure lifelines in the world.

24 Maezawa Industries, Inc. No. 253-B
Maezawa Industries, Inc. has been enjoying a reputation as a leading manufacturer of reliable waterworks valves and water treatment equipment since the establishment of the company in 1937. Our products cover the water and environmental fields and we manufacture valves and equipment for waterworks and wastewater, as well as industrial wastewater treatment and biogas generation.

25 Meidensha Corp. No. 126, 236-B
Meidensha Corp. (Meiden) has been contributing to infrastructure building, including in the areas of power, water processing and rail across public utilities and various industrial fields. At the 2018 IWA event, Meiden will introduce our new technologies such as disaster prevention measures for public sewerage systems and new water processing systems with ceramic membranes.

26 Metawater Co., Ltd. No. 137, 243-B
Metawater is one of the leading companies in the water and wastewater treatment industry in Japan. We can provide total solutions from design and construction up to operation and maintenance. We are going to further accelerate our business into the private market in Japan, as well as the international market, with our proprietary mechanical and electrical technologies.

27 Mitsubishi Electric Corp. No. 240-B
Mitsubishi Electric has been delivering our ozone treatment system since the 1960s, assisting water environments in cities globally by recycling high-quality water with great efficiency and supplying water to support a sustainable water-recycling society. Today, we are developing EcoMBR, which utilizes Mitsubishi ozonizer technology, to launch in 2019. The EcoMBR uses ozone to process water with even greater efficiency.

28 Morita Iron Works Co., Ltd. No. 221-C
Morita has been manufacturing various valves (butterfly, check, sluice, auto and more) during the century since our founding in 1917, in accordance with required uses and purposes. Morita’s valves are used in various fields related to water and people. We are exhibiting our valves at this event, including metal-seated butterfly valves and swing check valves.

29 Nagaoka International Corp. No. 247-B
Nagaoka International Corp. is one of the world’s leading engineering and wedge wire screen manufacturing firms. Nagaoka manufactures environmentally friendly water intake (NAGAOKA Screen & HiSIS), treatment systems (CHEMILES & AERSYS), and screen internals for oil refining and petrochemical complexes, helping to create a better world for society. We have developed our own unique technology to effectively utilize finite resources.

30 NEC Corp. No. 209-G
NEC brings together and integrates technology and expertise to create the information communications and technology-enabled society of tomorrow. We collaborate closely with partners and customers around the world, orchestrating each project to ensure all its parts are fine-tuned to local needs. Every day, our innovative solutions for society contribute to greater security, safety, efficiency and fairness, enabling people to live brighter lives.

31 Newspaper of Waterworks Industry No. 208-G
Newspaper of Waterworks Industry thinks about the global environment and people’s living through water. We are developing a wide range of coverage activities for central government agencies, local public entities nationwide, affiliated companies, research institutes, related organizations and so on, mainly in water supply and sewage systems.

32 Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd. No. 248-B
Nihon Genryo have been supporting the Japanese water supply as provider of filter media, advocating new water supply systems for drinking water in small village areas and for disaster relief. Our mobile water purification unit can provide “the water people can drink with confidence” to those who cannot access sanitary water.

33 Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd. No. 260-F
Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd. is a leading water environmental engineering consulting firm in Japan that has been providing comprehensive consultancy services for water supply, wastewater, drainage, sanitation, river engineering and water environment in domestic and global markets, including official development assistance projects over the past six decades.

34 Nihon Suiko Sekkei Co., Ltd. No. 256-F
Nihon Suiko Sekkei Co., Ltd. is a Japanese leading consulting firm that supports water and wastewater utilities in their decision-making processes at all stages of their assets’ life cycles. Our main business is asset planning and improving utilities’ asset management, including developing asset planning systems and supporting outsourcing projects.

35 Nippon Chutetsukan K.K. No. 226-C
Water service is indispensable to daily life to support a stable supply. We always strive for the development of new technology and improving its quality, as well as fulfilling the needs and maintaining the trust of consumers as a ductile iron pipe manufacturer working to protect this indispensable lifeline. We plan to display an earthquake-resistant version of our ductile iron pipe.

36 Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. No. 258-F
Nippon Koei is the oldest engineering consulting firm in Japan and has worked on over 5,000 infrastructure projects in 160 countries. Nippon Koei Group provides domestic and international engineering consultation services in a wide range of fields, including water resources and waterways, energy, transportation and environmental management. We will remain committed to contributing to social development all over the world.

37 Nippon Suido Shinbun Company No. 213-B
Nippon Suido Shinbun Company has served to promote the spread and improvement of water supply and sewerage systems for over 60 years. Through our service, we hope to contribute to the building of a sustainable water infrastructure in our country. Our publications include specialist papers Japan Waterworks Newspaper and Japan Sewerage Newspaper, as well as monthly magazine Waterworks Opinion.

38 Nishikawa Keisoku Co., Ltd. No. 235-B
We are an engineering company specializing in measurement control and analysis. In the water supply field, we are involved in various measurement and control systems such as flow rate measurement and control, analysis of ingredients, adjustment of chemical quantity and more at water purification plants.

39 Organo Corp. No. 245-B
Organo is a general water treatment engineering company that sells water treatment systems and chemicals to a wide range of industries. Organo operates three businesses, with their plant business selling water treatment systems, their solution business maintaining and managing delivered systems, and their functional product business selling standard products and chemicals.

40 Original Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. No. 257-F
OEC is one of the leading Japanese engineering consultancy firms. OEC has developed its business in various fields, including water supply, sewerage works, industrial wastewater, stream pollution and flood control. OEC has expanded its operations overseas, undertaking various projects in Asia and the Pacific islands since 1977.

41 Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. No. 261-F
Pacific Consultants is the leading engineering consulting firm in Japan that has been providing wide range of consulting services in fields of infrastructure development since being established in 1951. We have built solid experience with over 1,500 engineering professionals taking holistic approaches to studies, designs and planning, and construction supervision for infrastructure development.

42 Pasco Corp. No. 268-D
Pasco Corp., founded as an aerial surveying company in 1953, has the world’s leading technological capabilities in the fields of sensing (surveying and measuring) and geographical information systems (GIS). Pasco’s network in Japan and overseas provides information through advanced geospatial technology. We will contribute to the development of sound and sustainable water resources and water use utilizing geospatial technology.

43 Politec No. 219-C
Polyethylene pipes and fittings are made of high-quality polyethylene (PE100). The pipes and fittings are integrally combined by EF (electrofusion) jointing. The excellent features of polyethylene piping systems such as long-term hydrostatic performance, lightweight, flexibility, corrosion resistance and earthquake resistance have been highly evaluated.

44 PUC Co., Ltd. No. 283-A
As a company that’s a member of the Tokyo Waterworks Group, Public Utility Services Center Co., Ltd. has undertaken a portion of the water business in Tokyo. At the IWA event, we will introduce our role in Tokyo Waterworks, our WISH water charge collection system and the mobile meter-reading system that works in conjunction with it.

45 Sanki Engineering Co., Ltd. No. 237-B
The Sanki Engineering Group contributes to society in various business domains related to social infrastructure, including the facilities construction business that covers air conditioning, electrical systems, information and communications and office relocation. The company also covers the environmental systems business that consists of water and sewage treatment facilities and waste incineration facilities.

46 Shimizu Alloy Mfg. Co., Ltd. No. 214-C
Shimizu Alloy Mfg. Co., Ltd. is valve manufacturer for waterworks established in 1947. We are exhibiting the products for protecting the lifelines and supplying safe water, such as a new earthquake resistant isolation valve, which protects fire hydrant and air valve lines, and the AQUA series compact water purification equipment with fully automatic membrane filtration for the mini-scale water supply.

47 Showarasenkan Seisakusho Co., Ltd. No. 215-C

48 Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd. No. 238-B

49 Suiken Co., Ltd. No. 216-C
As a manufacturer of joints for lifelines, we have been developing unique products since our establishment in 1970. We have been sending our creative technologies and products including Super Flex, flexible expansion joints, and S-Gate, an under pressure valve insertion system, to the world. We will continue contributing to the safety of lifelines throughout the world.

50 Sumitomo Corp. No. 211-G
Sumitomo Corp. engages in multifaceted business activities including sales of a variety of products and services within Japan, imports and exports, trilateral trading and domestic and international business investments. We provide water supply, wastewater treatment, seawater desalination and district cooling services to over 20 million people around the world.

51 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. No. 229-B
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. would like to introduce Poreflon, a porous hollow fiber membrane made from PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene), which has strong chemical and heat-resistance and durability as a MF/UF membrane module. Through “stable water treatment performance,” “high quality and reliability” and “high-quality customer service,” we are ready to propose water treatment systems that fully meet various customer needs.

52 Swing Corp. No. 136
Swing Corp. is a leading water solutions provider serving both municipal and industrial customers in domestic and overseas markets. We design, build, operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants using water and environmental technologies developed and proven in Japan. We currently operate and maintain more than 300 water treatment facilities nationwide and have over 750 plants in 50 countries.

53 Taisei Kiko Co., Ltd. No. 138, 224-C
Since its founding in 1941, Taisei Kiko has pioneered Japan’s water and sewage pipeline maintenance sector; continuously engaged on the frontier of technological innovation in product development and maintenance. We have developed retainer glands and various pipe fittings following the concept of water pipeline maintenance. Our quake-resistant products have become all the more essential for the pipeline infrastructure and network.

54 The Victaulic Company Of Japan Ltd. No. 225-C
Victaulc Japan was established in 1929 as a manufacturer of piping joints for water purification plants, agricultural and industrial water supply systems and various kinds of factories. Our products have protected pipelines from many earthquakes. We will continue to make technical improvements and contribute to society.

55 Tokyo Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd./TEC International Co., Ltd. No. 259-F
TEC Group consists of TEC International Co., Ltd. (TECI) serving overseas markets and Tokyo Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (TEC) handling domestic markets. We provide consulting services related to the water and environmental sectors, especially for the development of water infrastructure such as water supply, sewerage and urban drainage systems.

56 Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corp. No. 265-D
Total Utility Mapping System or TUMSY is one of the most popular information systems in the water and sewer industries, used major Japanese cities, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government that uses the system for pipe maintenance and effective replacement planning. TGES, a subsidiary of Tokyo Gas Co., provides unique engineering solutions to utilities, based on long city gas industry experience.

57 Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corp., TGS No. 283-A
TGS have been a group of professional engineers in fields such as civil, electric, machine, and process engineering, and are recognized as a reliable contractor for operations and maintenance of sewerage facilities as an indispensable partner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) since TGS was established. We are also actively working with TMG to improve overseas water situations.

58 Toray Industries, Inc. No. 230-B
The Toray Group is working to expand earnings now and in the future by developing advanced materials based on our core technologies — organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry — and by expanding our global presence with operations around the world. Utilizing high performance membrane technologies, Toray offers excellent water treatment technologies.

59 Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corp. No. 239-B
Since the 1970s, Toshiba has contributed to the development of water infrastructure. We offer optimum solutions for various plants, such as water purification, wastewater treatment, industrial effluent treatment and water recycling, making full use of our comprehensive technology, accumulated expertise and global network. We have executed over 10,000 projects such as EPC and operation and maintenance, in over 37 countries.

60 TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd. No. 283-A
TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd., or TSS, takes charge of technological and engineering tasks of water supply in Tokyo, as a member of Tokyo Water Group. TSS also deploys its know-how and experience to water supply systems for water utilities in Japan and abroad, especially in the field of leak control and non-revenue water.

61 Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. No. 254-B
Sludge creates sustainable earth. TSK provides technologies for optimum sludge treatment, resource recycling and effective energy usage. At IWA 2018, TSK will exhibit next-generation incineration (pressurized fluidized bed with turbocharger) that reduces power consumption and cuts CO2 emissions by half. This is promoted as “Japan’s high-quality infrastructure technology.” TSK continues to help create a sustainable earth.

62 Yokogawa Solution Service Corp. No. 235-B
Yokogawa holds the largest share in the monitoring and controlling industry in Japan, and we have 230 branches in 80 countries. Our global operation services make it possible to provide our products globally and we have plenty of supply records and much experience in overseas water business, including SCADA systems and DCS systems.

63 Kyoyu Inc.

64 Takuhai Co. Ltd.

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