Ministry to let My Number cards be used as health insurance cards from 2020


The welfare ministry has decided to allow the My Number card to be used in place of the national health insurance card from fiscal 2020.

The ministry hopes the measure will increase acquisition of the identification card because the insurance card is used more frequently. My Number, which was designed as part of the national numbering system for social security and tax purposes, is used by only about 10 percent the population, informed sources said.

For security purposes, the data that can be stored and checked on the My Card chip is limited to name, date of birth, sex, address and other bits of information.

To make it possible for medical institutions to read insurance-related data from a My Number card, however, the welfare ministry plans to establish a link between the My Number system and entities undertaking practical work for the national health insurance scheme. This includes Health Insurance Claims Review & Reimbursement Services, a body that screens reimbursement requests for medical fees, the sources said.

For people between 40 and 74 who use My Number cards as their health insurance cards, the results of metabolic syndrome checkups will be shown on a dedicated website for the ID card, they added.