Tokyo-based drone service and solution provider Terra Drone Corp. will launch operations in India this year to apply unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) tech within the industry field of Asia's third-largest economy.

Terra Drone India Pvt., a local unit of the firm, was incorporated last month to focus on "data acquisition services," Terra Drone India Managing Director Kota Kandori said in an email interview with NNA.

With an initial investment of $1 million (about ¥106 million), Terra Drone India will develop drones, supply materials and create related software, as well as provide survey data analysis with the focus on "industry areas like construction, mining, railway, power lines, etc.," he said.

Drones have been used in India for aerial surveys and other purposes over the past few years, citing advantages such as low mobilization costs and efficient use of time, as well as the ability to conduct surveys in urban, forestry, mining and disaster-affected areas, according to a 2017 report by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

The Ministry of Mines has separately issued a memo regarding mining sector drones to all state governments and public sector undertakings such as National Aluminum Co. and Hindustan Copper Ltd.

Terra Drone opened branches in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne last year as part of its overseas expansion strategy, counting on the demand for drone-related services within Australia's construction industry.

In the Japanese market, the company has forged partnerships with major mining and construction firms like Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. to provide fully automated UAV surveying and data analysis of construction sites.