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Toyota’s unions to demand ¥3,000 pay-scale hike in spring wage talks


The federation of labor unions in the Toyota Motor Corp. group on Saturday adopted a unified request for a monthly pay-scale hike of at least ¥3,000 in this year’s shunto (spring wage negotiations) with management.

The Federation of All Toyota Workers’ Unions made the decision at a central committee meeting in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture. It will mark the fifth consecutive year of pay-scale demands from the federation, which comprises some 342,000 workers.

The federation also will request annual bonuses equivalent to five months’ salary, at least.

In this year’s shunto, the federation will aim to reduce pay gaps in the group by continuing wage increases at Toyota affiliates.

While Toyota’s earnings are on a recovery trend, uncertainty overshadows the automobile industry amid major changes in the business environment partly caused by an increasing need to adopt sophisticated technologies.

The federation expects to face tougher shunto talks than usual, Federation President Mitsuyuki Tsuruoka told the central committee meeting Friday.

The federation’s major unions are expected to submit their requests to management on Feb. 14. The Toyota Motor Workers’ Union plans to demand a monthly pay-scale increase of ¥3,000.