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Typhoon Lan delays vote-counting in west, central Japan


Several regional election boards said Sunday that ballot-counting for the general election would likely be delayed until at least Monday because of transport disruptions caused by Typhoon Lan.

Bringing heavy rain and strong winds to western and central Japan, the powerful typhoon halted ferry services to remote islands, preventing election boards from delivering their ballots for counting.

The affected municipalities include Hagi in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Karatsu in Saga Prefecture, Nobeoka in Miyazaki Prefecture and Matsuyama and Yawatahama in Ehime, all in the southwest of the country. The city of Nishio, in Aichi Prefecture, as well as two cities and a village in Okinawa were also affected.

Vote-counting usually starts as soon as polling stations close at 8 p.m.

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