A man was arrested for allegedly stealing a wallet from an undercover policewoman in an internet cafe in Hokkaido, police said.

Shuichi Nose, 33, who identified himself as a temp worker, admitted to the theft charge, according to investigative sources.

At around 7:40 p.m. Sunday, Nose allegedly stole the wallet of a 28-year-old female police officer containing around ¥13,000 in cash.

The officer and three colleagues were on an undercover operation investigating a series of thefts at the cafe in Kitami, eastern Hokkaido, since December, the sources said.

They were posing as customers, and the female officer left behind her wallet when she left the compartment she was in, the sources said.

Nose then sneaked into the compartment and took the wallet. Another officer was watching the scene and he was caught red-handed, they said.