Amid work on attractions based on the mega-hit game series "Super Mario Bros.," the operator of Universal Studios Japan said Monday that the amusement park plans to re-create the world of another popular game series, "Dragon Quest," in March.

USJ Co. said visitors will be able to explore a dungeon and fight monsters, just like in the game, at the new attraction that will open on March 17 for a limited time.

The first of the "Dragon Quest" series, produced by Tokyo-based Square Enix Co., debuted in 1986, and has been one of Japan's most popular role-playing games. The series has seen worldwide sales of 66 million units.

USJ said it has provided a number of attractions in collaboration with popular entertainment titles, including "Harry Potter" and "Jurassic Park," with a high level of reality, so it is confident it can create a "real 'Dragon Quest'" attraction that visitors can enjoy.

Details about the new attraction will be announced later, according to USJ.

The Osaka-based amusement park is also planning to open a Nintendo-themed area that will feature characters from Nintendo's games, including "Super Mario," by 2020.