• Kyodo


A public relations branch of the Self-Defense Forces in Akita Prefecture is retracting recruitment flyers that describe Defense Minister Tomomi Inada as unreliable and highlight her gender, SDF officials said.

The A4-size advertisement made by an SDF member based Odate reads: “Defense Minister Inada (woman) is not dependable enough, but we want a dependable person like you to challenge yourself!”

The SDF member, whose rank and age were not disclosed, printed 130 of the flyers in late October. They were distributed to nine locations in Odate, according to the SDF’s Akita Provincial Cooperation Office, which recalled them.

No protest against the wording used in the flyer has been received, the office said.

SDF members are required to report to their superiors when publishing flyers, but that did not happen in this case.

“Such a thing should not happen,” an official at the office said.

The SDF’s provincial cooperation offices carry out recruitment and publicity activities.

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