Japan, Russia keep salmon-trout quota unchanged in Japan EEZ


Tokyo and Moscow have agreed that Japan’s quota for catching Russian-spawned salmon and trout in Japan’s exclusive economic zone will be 2,050 tons in 2016, the same amount agreed to in 2015, the Fisheries Agency said.

Under the agreement reached in Tokyo, the government will pay Russia anywhere between ¥264 million ($2.3 million) and ¥300 million in cooperation fees, depending on the actual catches, the agency said Saturday.

The two countries also discussed Japan’s 2016 fishing quota in Russia’s EEZ, as well as alternatives to drift-net fishing, which Russia banned from its waters in January, the agency said.

No agreement has been reached yet, but the matter will be discussed in Moscow in April or thereafter.

Ownership of salmon and trout is determined by the location of the river in which the eggs were laid. Japan and Russia have accordingly set annual quotas for catching Russian salmon and trout in both EEZs.