‘Birdie Sanders’: Bird interrupts Portland campaign rally to thunderous applause


A little bird stole the show at Bernie Sanders’ rally in Portland, and gave new meaning to a phrase made popular by the TV show “Portlandia” — “put a bird on it.”

The Democratic candidate smiled and the audience of more than 10,000 went wild when a tiny bird joined Sanders at the podium Friday.

Without losing a beat, the Vermont senator said even though it didn’t look like a dove, it must have been one that came to ask for world peace.

The video of Sanders and his feathered friend went viral on social media, with the hashtag #BirdieSanders.

The phrase “put a bird on it” is a line that was used in the TV show “Portlandia” as a reflection of the city’s quirky ways.

  • Moukhfi Nouari

    that’s what mean “”stealing a show “” , good work birdie .

  • J.P. Bunny

    Good thing the birdie didn’t land at a Trump rally. Trump would have punched Birdie in its face, waterboarded it, then made sure all birds were deported.