Japan adult TV channel’s Boob Aid charity event rubs some the wrong way, sparking online petition


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More than 8,600 people have signed an online petition to protest the annual Boob Aid fundraising event, which allows donors to the charity to touch the breasts of porn actresses.

Broadcast live on satellite network Sky PerfecTV!’s adult pay channel, the two-day event, held last month, is aimed at eradicating AIDS and has been held since 2003.

A record 7,175 people participated in the most recent event, raking in a little over ¥6 million. Participants need to be 18 years or older, and each year a few women can be found among the men waiting in line.

Not everyone, however, finds the event in good taste.

“This event hides behind the front of being a ‘charity event’ but in reality, the participants are basically just paying to touch bare breasts,” said Change.org on its website, which started collecting signatures on Dec. 10. “Please stop exploiting women’s (bodies) for promotional and commercial aim.”

The website, in Japanese and English, sees the event as a play by the broadcaster to increase its viewership.

“Fundraising to support AIDS groups is much needed,” it read. “It can and should be done in ways that are appropriate in the public sphere, without exploiting women’s bodies and reinforcing sexism.”

Commenting on the rising criticism, the Boob Aid organizer said it will consider the various opinions raised about the event as well as the contributions it has made over the years toward the eradication of AIDS before making a decision.

Officials at Sky Perfect JSAT Corp., which operates the broadcaster, meanwhile were startled by the move.

“We will gravely accept their opinions and consider what to do in the future,” said Toru Ueda, general manager of the broadcaster’s channel operations division. “We had thought that this kind of social contribution could be acceptable.”

Ueda said he was surprised by the sudden rise of criticism since last month after holding the popular annual event for the 13th time.

In the U.S. and other Western countries, celebrities sometimes participate in eye-catching charity fundraising campaigns, such as posing nude for calenders or stripping naked for an event.

In the U.K., however, Tracy Kiss, a former model and a mother of two, was banned from a fundraising site last year after she offered topless shots of herself to those who donated £10 or more.

Change.org’s website can be seen at jtim.es/X2h8g

  • J.P. Bunny

    “This event hides behind the front of being a ‘charity event’ but in reality, the participants are basically just paying to touch bare breasts.” If the money raised is being donated to a specific cause, then the event is not hiding behind anything. Paying to touch bare breasts? Yes. That’s what the event is clearly about. Willing participants of legal age will let you touch their breast for a monetary donation, which will be given to a charity. Of course, these same men could audition to be in a film with these porn actresses, do a lot more than just touch a breast, get paid for doing so, and keep the money for themselves. These prudes really need to visit the real world once in a while.

    • Karagarga

      How does this “auditions” thing work?

    • Ine Chan

      But maybe the problem with Japan is that they don’t know where to stop. If they can touch women’s breast (even if they are porn actresses) some of these men might think they also have the right to touch any women they see on the street, that’s why there are so many groping and weird things happening to women on the train or men asking random girls to have sex in exchange of money. I am personally angry with the women participating to this event. There are so many other women fighting for their rights and against sexual harassment but at the same time you see these girls who don’t hold the same moral values, because of them women in general lose their credibility.
      Also I am worried about the men going to this kind of event, what if one of them is a school teacher, or is working with women, or even holds a family, would you be happy to know that your father or husband is paying money to grope young girls. Japan has a problem with porn and it’s a fact. There must be some limits to what kind of event you hold in public especially charities. What is it going to be next ? Have sex with a girl and give half the money to AIDS patients or pay for a high school girl to give you her knickers to save the homelesses ? You have to admit it’s twisted …

      • Dravous Wild

        I like you make the leap from a consensual act to violent sexual assault under the premise that “men don’t know better”…like men are idiots that generally don’t know right from wrong until taught it by….you? women in general? you might be in the top ten most sexist people I’ve ever heard of.

        ” I am personally angry with the women participating to this event.”

        yeah, you know better than them what’s best for them.

      • Ine Chan

        It’s okay, That’s my personal point of view, I just personally disagree with those kind of practice. I never said all men would assault women. I wanted to point out the issues with porn.
        I personally wouldn’t trust nor be friend with a man if I knew that he paid money to touch random girls boobs. That’s my choice. These girls can do whatever they want in their private life. This is not private anymore, this is a public event.
        I just wanted to say that as one woman in this world I feel offended. That’s my right, and that’s my personal choice and opinion. If you think that I am sexist, okay that’s your opinion. But thousands of people signed the petition at least I am not the only one.

      • Dravous Wild

        “I never said all men would assault women.”

        no, you just alluded to some made up nonsense that “some men”(we don’t know which though! so better consider it all men, right?) might become sexual predators after they do this. as if they can’t tell right from wrong.

        now, you DO have the right to voice an opinion, just as I have the right to call you out on how evil and sexist you and your opinion are.

        “These girls can do whatever they want in their private life. This is not private anymore, this is a public event.”

        yep, you still think you know what’s best for them. “those poor stupid girls acting on their own volition and doing something I don’t approve of, HOW DARE THEY!!!” now, shall we also apply that same logic to your commentary? you just said “that’s my choice”, but ah ha! you said it on this “public” forum! shall we make a petition to shut you up because your opinion is no longer private? I suspect you wouldn’t like people telling you what you can and can’t think in public as well as private, perhaps you should give them the same courtesy.

        “But thousands of people signed the petition at least I am not the only one.”

        appealing to conformity doesn’t make your position moral or justified. the position either IS or IS NOT sexist, regardless of how many other people do or do not hold that same opinion.

      • João Carlos Honório Pedro

        The issue with porn is that there’s a strange tendency for an increase in availability of porn to also coincide with a decrease in the violent sex crime numbers.

        Go think about that for a few minutes.

      • Ine Chan

        Okay that’s one thing I didn’t know, then I was wrong to think that way. My apologies :)

      • Tehy

        I agree…

        For example, let’s say that all the male attendees have to pay someone, so he has to take their money, right?

        But…what if he gets used to taking money for charity? Then he might start taking people’s money on the street; Japan has a lot of pickpocketing, and I’m worried that this might increase that problem even more D:

      • Clickonthewhatnow

        Japan has a lot of pickpockets? What utter garbage.

      • doninjapan

        Ridiculous nonsense.

      • Tehy

        Oh, i agree.

        Just like the assertion that men, after paying to touch breasts, might become sexual assaulters…

      • Ryan Juel

        Pickpockets? In Japan? Where? Pretty much everyone in Tokyo is carrying a minimum of $300 USD equivalent. I didn’t fear for pickpockets while I was there, even with $1200 cash on my person. There were cops everywhere, and people were insanely polite. If someone was caught pickpocketing, I dare say they would not get far.

      • Tehy

        it’s called Sarcasm

      • Reggie Anderson

        “I am personally angry with the women participating to this event.”

        Their body. Their choice.

      • Ine Chan

        yes you are right, after all were all free to do whatever we want with our body.

      • J.P. Bunny

        If both parties are consenting adults, not breaking any laws, nor bothering others, (nosy prudes excluded), it’s nobody’s business.

      • Ine Chan

        Yes, I agree to that too , it’s nobody’s business, they are adults so it’s fine it’s their own life. They don’t bother anyone.

      • Witch Sniffer

        “What is it going to be next?”
        The event has been going on for 12 years, it’s safe to say it will continue to be boob touching.

        If you want women to be treated with respect you first have to believe that men are capable of respect. I doubt you do after reading that.

      • Ine Chan

        That’s good then, I am nobody to tell what’s wrong or right. If the girls want to to do it it’s okay after all it’s none of my business.
        I want both women and men to be treated with respect. It’s my bad I should have thought twice before writing, I really don’t think that all men aren’t capable of respect.

      • Valwin Mediaz

        you act like men are rapist

      • Ine Chan

        Wow I dont think all men are rapist I am sorry if I offended anyone. I understand that the people who participate to the event are free and consenting adults, I never meant to say they are all rapist.

      • Ryan Juel

        Yeah, no. That’s a stretch. Did you know Japan census their porn? Any depictions of genitalia are illegal. They have to be censored with a mosaic, picture, or black box.

        You’re personally angry with women with celebrity status doing charity work? I…I think your barking for the sake of barking and you need to calm down. Life is too short get worked up over the actions of others.

        But more to your point about how the men depicted see the women they touch. How do you know that the men paying to do this are inherently violent against women? How do you know they have no respect for the female body? It’s impossible to tell without being there in person. In my personal experience, I’ve found that those who complain the loudest about someone else’s sexual tastes have the last respect for those around them.

        And to touch on your last point about sex for charity or selling knickers. If all parties consent and no laws are broken? Why do you care? If you were into some specific Friday and someone came along and tried to drive you out of town, how would you feel? Did your parents never teach you the golden rule? Like Jesus said, “you hypocrites! You pick a fly out of your cup and swallow a camel! How can you point out the speck of dust in your neighbor’s eye when you don’t notice the plank in your own?”

      • Jeremy Dishman

        Quoting Jesus to defend public sexuality with porn stars? Wow. You know what else Jesus said? “But verily I say unto you, that if a man so much as looketh upon a women (lustfully), then he has already commited adulty with her in his heart!” So how much more so if he treats women’s breasts like cute animals at a petting zoo and pays to fondle them while hardly considering that pre-marital sex and sexual conduct SPREAD AIDS? You know the reason for the ‘charity’? ‘Boob Aid, where we convince you to gather round and pay for AIDS research by being a perv and potentially spreading that very virus! Counter-intuitive? What does that mean? Me no speak English cuz I pervy Japanese man.”

      • Ryan Juel

        <—The point

        <—Your head

      • Jeremy Dishman

        Lol the point is treat others as you wanna be treated, yeah. I’m simply pointing out the irony of your defense of that argument in relation to who you chose as your evidence. You speak of people being hypocritical not following the ‘golden rule’, but it’s also hypocritical for you to use Jesus of all people to try and defend porn activity. I get YOUR point, but MY point is you seem to understand YOUR point a little less then advertised.

  • Tehy

    As usual, what’s important isn’t, like, helping people with chronic diseases who are suffering, but preventing vague -sexism- because feminism is truly the greatest ideology of our times.

    • Daryl Corey

      Sad to see Japan now being infected with that cancer

  • Code : Verde

    They’re honestly jealous they didn’t think of monopolizing on the idea first and if they can’t do it, nobody can.

    I mean really – – You take awareness and sex, since it sells; You can’t deny it and you can’t no matter how hard you shout or how many petitions you sign ; Erase it from human nature, and combine them with charity and suddenly– BAM! Instant money and absolutely everyone involved wins.

    Except for the Neo-Puritans from America & Canada who find absolutely everything offensive.

    • Vellyan

      Dont’ forget Sweden, Holy Land of Prudes.

  • Best Mom Eva

    Gee, I wonder why this petition is in English instead of Japanese. It’s almost as if the people who are upset aren’t even Japanese!?

    Indeed, It’s likely that the people who created this petition are not Japanese, but rather western social justice warriors—jobless art students and career activists—furiously typing away at their macbooks from a Bay-Area Starbucks, constantly on the lookout for something to be outraged about in the name of self promotion.

    This is furor whipped up over nothing by idiot gaijin, and can be safely ignored. Judging by the monotone「深く反省します」 reply given by the general manager, he knows it too.

  • Witch Sniffer

    The only reason for the petition to be in English is so that foreign 3rd wave feminists can flood it. Of the 8600 who signed it, I’d be surprised if 100 of them were Japanese.

  • Valwin Mediaz

    GO japan this is awesome

    • Reggie Anderson

      No. Body-shaming women who willingly choose to participate in a charitable event is not awesome.

  • Marina Winkler Alves

    Everyone is assuming that it is consensual, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls were pressured to participate in it. We know how work environment is in Japan, maybe they had no choice. Just because they work with porn doesn’t mean they want random people to touch their breasts…

    • Joe Gamer

      Do you actually know how the work environment is in japan, have you been a Japanese porn star? Or are you just making assumptions to support your preconceived bias?
      I know which one I’m betting on…

  • This is soo stupid, the money is going to charity, so who cares? As long as the actresses aren’t being forced against their will to attend this event, then the whole outrage is meaningless.

  • Joe Gamer

    This article is dumb, this petition is dumb, the only problem with this charity event is that I was not able to attend, that does make me sad inside.

  • Ms_Fortune

    Once again over sensitive americans trying to dictate what other cultures do

  • Ryan Juel

    I first found out about Boob Aid several years ago. When I heard what it aimed to do, I raised an eyebrow. It’s not a normal way to raise money for AIDS research, but I believe it is a clever way to raise ¥6,000,000.

    Knowing that this petition originated in my home country saddens me. American arts have come under siege in recent years, and there is a definite culture of fear in media and society. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down, as they say. But this time. It’s far more insidious. If anyone perceives even the slightest offense over something, it can end your life. Your career will be over, your character assassinated by the news and social media, and you find yourself with nobody willing to help you for fear of being associated with you.

    I do not want to see this happen to Japan. What drew me to anime in the first place was how different it was. American TV was terrible 15 years ago. Seeing stories with plot and character development was a breath of fresh air. It’s what pushed me to learn Japanese, and ultimately take a trip to Tokyo last May. And I plan to go back. If my phone would allow it, I’d say “Nihon ga Suki” in kanji. And I mean that. Japan is rich with history, from Kamakura to Hokkaido to Okinawa and everywhere in between. Don’t ever change that.

    If anyone has connections to Boob Aid and wants to help a gaikoku-jin deliver a message, please pass this along. If Japan loses their flair for the absurd, we all lose.

  • jimmyt

    sjw’s are AIDS