Flood-hit sake brewer recovers, revives mainstay line with label thanking volunteers who helped


Nomura Jozo, a sake brewery in disaster-hit Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture, has produced its mainstay product Tsumugibijin for the first time since it was flooded in September.

The brewery was hit by a torrent of water and mud after banks of the Kinugawa River in Joso collapsed, flooding the neighborhood during torrential rain.

Thanks to workers of other breweries in the prefecture who came to help the establishment recover, the brewery managed to restart sake production in November and plans to ship 2,000 bottles by year’s end.

Students of Tsukuba University based in the prefecture volunteered to design the labels bearing a message thanking people who gave support. Some 10 students affixed them to the bottles on Tuesday.

“This sake is filled with the love of many people,” said Kazuo Nomura, 61, president of the brewery.