U.S. would have ‘no right’ to stop Israel from hitting Iran nuke sites: Christie


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, campaigning for president in New Hampshire, said the U.S. would have “no right” to stop Israel from using military force to destroy Iran’s nuclear program.

Christie said Wednesday at a Republican forum that he’d look to have a conversation with Israel prior to any military action, which he said would be the proper course for “friends and allies.” A former federal prosecutor, Christie, 52, has called for expanding the military and government intelligence-gathering as part of his foreign policy.

The governor is trying to jump-start his prospects ahead of the first Republican debate on Aug. 6 by talking to voters in New Hampshire, the state with the first primary. Fox News, the debate sponsor, plans to winnow the party’s field of 16 candidates to 10 by using an average of five national polls. The RealClearPolitics polling average currently has Christie in ninth place.

“We don’t have the right to stop Israel from acting in what they believe to be their national interest,” Christie said during a foreign-policy forum in Manchester organized by Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Security, a group led by former U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers. “Do I believe the United States should unilaterally stop Israel? The answer is no because Israel has an absolute right of self-determination and to defend itself.”

Four years ago, Christie turned down pleas from business executives and party figures to run against President Barack Obama. So far, he’s struggled to recapture that momentum.

During the three-day swing through the Granite State, he held two town-hall meetings in bars — “the more you drink the better these get,” he quipped — and greeted breakfast customers in two diner stops. He closed the trip out with the 90-minute appearance in Manchester.

  • michaelrivero

    So tell us, Chris, just where do you think the radiation will wind up when Israel; bombs Iran’s nuclear power station?

    • Savingstone

      I guess you have no idea how nuclear fission works…

      • michaelrivero

        Where do YOU think the radiation will wind up when Israel; bombs Iran’s nuclear power station?

  • Cuchulain

    No right to prevent an Israeli attack huh? What happens when Iran shocks the world by shooting down the Israeli attack craft? Will the US have the right to prevent Israel from being soundly beaten?

  • Ezra Pound

    I wonder on what other global issues Christie would say the “U.S.
    has no right…”? I think if you asked
    him, Christie would say America has the right to do anything…except go against
    Israel. Isn’t this proof of divided loyalty or outright treason?

  • greg

    It’s frightening how many stupid, lying lunatics are running for president

    • Savingstone

      It’s frightening how many stupid, lying lunatics are posting illiterate comments.

  • robert cane

    This proves what a moron Christe is, is just another Zionist sock puppet.

  • desertspeaks

    Mr Christie, Since the US has no right to stop israel, what makes you believe the US has a right to stop IRAN???

  • Greg Straw

    That fine Chris, BUT tell Israel there on there own when they do and to leave the US kids out of it.

    • Savingstone

      not one American GI has died for Israel, take your lies elsewhere

  • mannymoe

    This man is brain dead…god help him!

  • Pravda01

    Unfortunately Iran doesn’t even have the military resources to survive any kind of attacks.

    The Jewish/US/UK gang will just commit another Holocaust.