Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc. has begun marketing the latest version of a video-based marketing support solution, "People Counter," with new features.

Developed by Vitracom AG, People Counter is video-based customer tracking software that helps capture the behavioral tendencies of shop visitors. The software helps businesses plan effective sales strategies.

As the master distributor in Japan, Kozo Keikaku Engineering sells People Counter and provides related consulting services.

The main feature of the previous version of People Counter was the analysis of the number of purchasers and sales trends of a shop by counting the number of visitors and studying point of sales (POS) data collectively.

The latest People Counter is capable of capturing the profiles of visitors, such as gender and age, from monitored images and adding such variables as weather conditions to such profiles.

Thus, People Counter enables users to examine the characteristics of nonpurchasers at the shop and evaluate the expected number of customers based on past data.

People Counter requires network cameras, which are commercially available, to collect data. Existing surveillance cameras can also be used, if requirement specifications are met. The data measured and collected by People Counter is accessible from mobile and stationary devices through a cloud service.

The price of People Counter differs in accordance with the number of network cameras installed, with an individual license code for every device.

KKE will continue to provide marketing support solutions that best suit the client's needs.

For inquiries, email i-[email protected] for the Overseas Marketing Department of Kozo Keikaku Engineering.