Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj agreed Saturday to strengthen the trilateral alliance with the United States amid the rise of an increasingly assertive China in Asia, Japanese officials said.

The Japanese and Indian sides agreed to work toward holding a meeting of the three countries' foreign ministers at an early date, the officials said.

During the meeting, Kishida pointed out that promoting bilateral cooperation between Japan and India will contribute to resolving issues in the world and the region, the Japanese foreign minister told reporters.

Kishida also told Swaraj that the Self-Defense Forces will continue to participate in the joint naval exercises of India and the United States.

On the issue of bilateral relations, Kishida and Swaraj shared the view that the two countries should step up efforts to promote security ties by holding vice ministerial-level talks of foreign and defense ministers at an early date.

The two ministers also exchanged views over potential exports of the Maritime Self-Defense Force's U.S.-2 amphibious aircraft to India, the officials said.

They also agreed to advance negotiations over a civil nuclear pact and economic cooperation to help build infrastructure in the emerging economy.