Missionaries returning from Ebola areas face three weeks of quarantine in U.S.


Missionaries retuning to the United States after working with patients infected with Ebola will be put in quarantine and monitored, health officials said Sunday.

The quarantine will last at least three weeks since the missionaries were last exposed to people infected with the Ebola virus, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services said.

The missionaries are with Charlotte-based SIM USA. None of them are sick or have shown any signs of having Ebola, but they agree with health officials that everyone should be as cautious as possible, SIM USA President Bruce Johnson said in a statement.

“We will continue to cooperate and collaborate with them and adhere strictly to their guidelines in the return of our missionaries to the United States,” Johnson said.

The aid group isn’t releasing how many missionaries were in Liberia or when they will return to protect the privacy of their families.

The returning missionaries will arrive in an area of the Charlotte airport away from the public. The airport won’t say exactly where the plane will be taken, according to a statement.

SIM USA aid worker Nancy Writebol is in an Atlanta hospital after contracting Ebola.

  • RCA

    Christian missionaries often prey on the poor, to convert them from their religion of choice. To ask someone to choose between
    their next meal (or doctor visit) and their conscience is a pretty harsh thing to do. Ofcourse anyone can refuse to convert, but if someone is poor and desperate, its hard to say ‘no’ to a hot meal. Its better to donate money to charities that are not affiliated to any religion, and who respect the local customs and religions of the communities they serve in.